Miniature copies of the State awards

Miniature copies of the State awards

The history of the Moscow Mint started in 1942. The Leningrad Mint evacuated to Krasnokamsk could not accomplish orders for the production of military orders and awards. The state award production was the first order executed at the Mint built in Moscow during the war. The state awards are still among the products of the enterprise today.

The practice of wearing order bands in the shape of a rosette, as well as miniature copies of the State awards of the Russian Federation, marks of distinction for perfect service and badges to titles of honor on everyday clothes was introduced by Regulation on State awards of the Russian Federation approved by Decree No. 1099 dated September 7, 2010 of the President of the Russian Federation.

You can buy miniature copies of the State awards at the Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak. It is necessary to show a certificate that you are awarded with an order, a medal or a mark of distinction.

The address of the Moscow Mint: 115093 Danilovskiy Val 1, Moscow, Russia.
Telephone: +7 (495) 258 9792.

If you have no opportunity to come to the Moscow Mint in person, if you live in another city or region, it is possible to send a request by e-mail, by courier or mail or by fax +7 (495) 633 8020.

Please enclose your passport data and a copy of the awarding certificate. Upon receipt of your request employees of the Marketing and Sales Department of the Mint will issue an invoice and inform you about the payment conditions and how the order will be delivered to you.

You can receive more detailed information of how to place an order for the purchase of miniature copies of the state awards contacting a manager of the Moscow Mint by telephone: +7 (495) 729 5666 or by e-mail or

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