Founded in 1942 first of all for the production of military orders and medals, the Moscow Mint received the first order for the production of commemorative coins during the period of preparation to the Olympic Games in Moscow. In 1975 the Moscow Mint started to prepare the issue of a few series of gold and silver coins dedicated to the Olympic Games of 1980 with the face values of: gold coins 100 and 50 roubles, silver 5 and 10 roubles. The proof technology of coin manufacture was mastered during that work.

At the beginning of the 1980s when the new production site of the Moscow Mint was accomplished, the subsidiary coin manufacturing workshop was put into operation.

For the first time in the national and foreign practice, the straightline mechanized method of coin production using automated product processing systems was created.

Under the order of the Bank of Russia the Moscow Mint of Goznak strikes subsidiary coins of uncirculated quality as well as commemorative coins of precious metals of proof quality (clear mirror surface and a matte relief image). Technologies of partial gilding and enamel application are applied. Commemorative coins of base metals are produced in uncirculated quality.

Commemorative coins struck at the Moscow Mint have been distinguished with multiple Russian and foreign awards for the artistic execution and manufacturing quality.

Investment coins of the Bank of Russia are struck at the Moscow Mint of gold and silver of the purest tint in proof and uncirculated manufacturing quality.

The Moscow Mint of Goznak has a great experience of production of coins emitted in other countries.

If foreign clients are interested in co-operation with Goznak, please address the Export Division of Goznak.

Middle East and Asia Export Department
Latin America and Africa Export Department
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