Social responsibility

Various programmes providing social security of the employees are realized at the Moscow Mint. The aim of the work is to form a highly professional team, its motivation to high-efficiency labour, creating the favorable conditions for the professional and personal development of the personnel.

The Collective Agreement of the Moscow Mint provides voluntary medical and accident insurance, a complex of social guarantees, privileges and compensations.

Goznak realizes the non-state pension provision programme since 2003. Among others, 120 former employees of the Moscow Mint receive additional non-state pension. 29 of them receive the non-state pension since 2013.

The Collective Agreement provides obligations of social protection of all categories of the employees, including pensioners.

The Club of Veterans of the Moscow Mint was founded over 20 years ago and still operates as a legal entity; its aims are social support and protection of rights and legitimate interests of the veterans of the Moscow Mint.

There is a canteen at the Mont. The employees receive eating subsidy monthly. A general practitioner and other medical specialists provide first aid when required at the health station within the territory of the Mint. According to the voluntary medical insurance agreement, all the employees of the Moscow Mint are served at the medical clinic of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak and other medical institutions of Moscow.

The Collective Agreement guarantees stable wages and bonuses for conscientious and high-efficiency labour.

Children of the employees of the Mint have an opportunity to go to children’s recreation camp “Rodina” of the Moscow Printing Factory.

The programme of sports infrastructure development and involving the employees and their family members into physical training and sports operates at the Moscow Mint, just like at all the other Branches of Goznak.

Employees of the Moscow Mint take an active part in collective trips and excursions, recreation and sports events organized by the trade union committee with the support of the top management of the Mint.

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