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The Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak is a modern excellently equipped coin and order production site; its products are noted for high manufacturing quality and artistic design.

Founded in 1942 first of all for the production of military orders and medals, today the Moscow Mint is widely known first of all as an enterprise producing subsidiary coins as well as commemorative and investment coins of gold, silver and base metals not only under the orders of the Bank of Russia, but other countries as well.

The modern equipment and technologies of the Moscow Mint enable it to produce a wide assortment of coin and order products: state awards, departmental awards, commemorative medals, lapel badges, various souvenir and religious products. The Mint offers production of technological tooling and stamps, marks of assay and manufacturer’s stamps to its customers.

The products manufactured at the Moscow Mint are noted for their high minting quality, technical perfection and unique design. The craftsmen of the Mint possess technologies, necessary tools, skills and equipment for manufacturing technically perfect products of gold, silver and base metals with partial gilding and silvering, with blackening and enamel covering of different colours, with inserts of precious metals. There are products with no analogues in the world in complexity, beauty and craftsmanship.

During a little over 70 years a highly professional, energetic and friendly team has been formed. Traditions of special, Goznak’s approach to work are preserved at the enterprise. Combined with modern equipment and high technologies, they ensure today and tomorrow’s success of the Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak.

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