Production capacities

Production capacities

The Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak has a high-tech modern production basis making it possible to cope with any tasks of issuing coins, badges and orders.

The equipment of the Moscow Mint provides an opportunity of application of gilding and silvering products of precious and non-ferrous metals. Moreover, gilding or silvering of both the whole product and separate elements of the image is possible. Such a technology is applied to products of “proof” or standard quality.

It is possible to apply a colour image to one or both sides of products of “proof” or standard quality. The products are coloured with jewellery (silicate), organic (automobile) or epoxide enamels.

The Moscow Mint offers to its potential customers one- or multipart products of various shapes, with movable parts, with the application of various enamels as well as gilding and silvering.

It is possible to insert precious or artificial stones into products at the Moscow Mint.

The technologies of oxidizing with the following artistic clearing of the engraving, varnishing, polishing, decorative covering with titanium (silvery colour) and titanium nitride (golden colour) are applied additionally for the product finishing.

Tooling production of the Mint is equipped with engraving and milling machinery providing an opportunity of finishing the tools of various kinds of steel at high speed and with high precision.

Laser scanners able to scan various voluminous models provided by the customers are applied for the process preparation.

Automated laser equipment of the Mint helps to apply laser engraving to the embossing tool surface in a broad range. As a result, the Mint manufactures products with all possible variants of matte surface and is able to obtain the “photo effect” on minted products and carry out their micro engraving.

Computerized milling, electroerosion and turning machines enable to fulfill any task of manufacturing most complicated embossing tools.

With the help of the vacuum assembly of ionic and plasma sputtering, hard surfacing overlays are applied to the embossing tools, which has a positive effect on the economic component of the product price.

High-speed automated coining presses are applied for the coin and order production at the Moscow Mint. The equipment allows to execute orders of any volume and complexity for the subsidiary coin production.

Coining presses provide an opportunity of manufacturing products of “proof” quality of the highest standard.

Powerful hydraulic presses that the production site of the Moscow Mint is equipped with make it possible to manufacture products of a large diameter with high relief. There is an opportunity to manufacture products of “proof” quality with the diameter of up to 100 mm, products of rolled-sheet material with the diagonal size of up to 170 mm.

Marking and numbering of products of large numbers is carried out with the help of laser equipment. The masters of the Mint apply portraits to commemorative products (medals) with the help of the laser equipment. Automated high-efficiency polishing equipment provides high-quality preparation of blanks for manufacturing “proof” products in large numbers.

The melting and rolling section of the Mint is equipped with a silver alloy continuous casting machine, furnaces for gold and silver product melting and high-precision rolling equipment. The machinery complex provides an opportunity of manufacturing products of precious metals with minimum tolerances in weight and technical products of silver with special properties for the electronic industry.

Furnaces for blank annealing carry out thermal processing of blanks in the protective atmosphere, enabling manufacture of “proof” products of high quality.

Vacuum assemblies of ionic and plasma sputtering apply decorative metal coverings (gold of various sorts, silver) to products, which is an alternative of the galvanic cyanide gilding and silvering as well as titanium and titanium nitride coating.

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