The 300th anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut battle01.08.2014

To commemorate the first victory in the history of the Russian Navy over the Swedish Navy during the Great Northern war (1700 – 1721) at Gangut Cape, the Moscow Mint of Goznak stroke a commemorative gold coin “The 300th Anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut Battle”.

The Gangut Battle that took place on August 7 (July 27) 1714, after the victory of Poltava, enforced the Russian position in the Northern war.

The artist depicted a spectacle of the naval battle with a sailing ship with St. Andrew’s flag in the foreground and a sailing ship in cannon-shot clouds and an oared boat in front of it on the mirror surface of the reverse. “GANGUT 1714” inscription is in the top, “THE VICTORY OF THE RUSSIAN NAVY” is in the bottom.

The design and modeling belong to the artists of the Design Center of Goznak Lidia Evdokimova and Vladimir Ananiin.

The commemorative coin is minted of pure gold in “proof” quality in the limited number of 250 pieces. The coin face value is 1000 roubles.

The Bank of Russia put in circulation the “300th Anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut Battle” gold commemorative coin on the eve of the Military Honour Day of Russia.
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