A coin in honor of healthcare workers 13.10.2020

The Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak has minted a commemorative coin in honor of dedicated service of healthcare workers.

The coin reverse features two medical workers (a woman and a man) in suits protecting from COVID-19. The doctors are standing in front of a hospital building and an ambulance car. The obverse features the coat of arms of the Russian Federation, the year of issue and the coin face value. There is a superincumbent edge around the circumference of the coin obverse and reverse. The side surface of the coin is riffled.

The face value of the coin is 25 roubles. It was minted in the number of 5 million pieces.

The artists of the Design Center of Goznak Andrey BRYNZA and Elena KRAMSKAYA have managed to reflect the tireless efforts of healthcare workers during the pandemic.

“I prepared a few sketches of the coin reverse”, Andrey Brynza explained. “For example, I depicted a doctor standing at the patient’s side on one of them. However, the sketch with medical workers in protective suits and with paramedic boxes ready to attend an emergency and save the life of a person infected with COVID-19. Elena Kramskaya created the rest of the sketch – the hospital building and the emergency car in the background”.

According to the Head Technologist of the Moscow Mint Sergey BOEV, a traditional technology was applied in the coin minting – the coin was struck using the same equipment as subsidiary coins. No laser matting or colored printing were applied; only relief is used to reflect the coin expressiveness. At the same time, the image on the coin turned out very expressive thanks to the talent of the artists of the Design Center of Goznak who created the sketch and software engineers who channeled their idea into the tools.

The coin of uncirculated quality is made of copper nickel alloy. The weight of the coin is 10 g, the diameter is 27 mm, and the coin thickness is 2.3 mm.  

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