A unique souvenir sheet has been produced at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak 19.08.2020

A new souvenir sheet printed at the Moscow Printing Factory Branch of Goznak under the order of JSC Marka dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society saw the light on August, 18. The Russian Geographical Society was founded under the supreme order of Emperor Nikolay I on August 18, 1845 and has made an invaluable contribution into studying the territory of not only Russia but also a lot of countries in the world in the course of its activity.

Earlier, in 2015, the Perm Printing Factory of Goznak had printed a sheet of stamps dedicated to the Russian Geographical Society; however, the new issue is absolutely unique.

- The new Russian Geographical Society souvenir sheet has been one of the most interesting and complicated orders to produce.

We have applied many of the technologies used in the souvenir sheet for the first time in the production of artistic postage stamps, explains Olga Govorova, an engineer and technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak.

The work upon the new souvenir sheet demanded from the workers and specialists of the Moscow Printing Factory to apply their years-long experience and skills.

We passed many stages during the stamp manufacture. First, there was offset printing with triade inks, and then, complicated embossing with golden foil.

We also applied foil perforation for the first time. It is only possible to perforate stamps of the round shape using Fischer hand-operated machine. Because of the heavy thickness of paper and foil, perforation was carried out with fewer sheets.   

The image of the Russian Geographical Society was created using relief stamping a method of creating a relief image by local compression of the material. Thus, the image of the stamp is created with the help of two kinds of embossing.

Die-cutting and adding round shape to the stamp became the finishing stage of production, Olga Govorova narrated.

The souvenir sheet was offset printed on chalk-coated paper. The face value is 200 roubles. The diameter of the souvenir sheet is 99 mm, the diameter of the stamp on the souvenir sheet is 33 mm. It was printed in the number of 35,000 pieces. I. Ulianovskiy, an artist, is the author of the design.    

Just like the souvenir sheet, the stamp is round. The stamp depicts the emblem of the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society; historical and artistic images interpreting research and discoveries made by geographers all over the world are depicted on the margins of the souvenir sheet.  

It is worth mentioning that since this year, the Geographers Day has become an official professional holiday in Russia. It will be celebrated every year on August 18. The issue of the new souvenir sheet unique in its complexity, manufacturing technique and interesting in its design was dedicated to this important date.

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