One whole team 18.07.2019

On July 13, 2019, a team of athletes of Goznak and its branches took part in the Hero Race project. Holding sportive events has become a good tradition of Goznak actively supported by the top management of Goznak.  

The team of the marathon participants consisted of employees of the Moscow branches of Goznak. This year, the marathon took place in the Moscow Region, at Sorochany mountain ski resort.  

The marathon participants noted the remarkably friendly atmosphere of the event and expressed their wish to take part in the event next year.

We all supported each other throughout the competition, and that made it easier to overcome obstacles. There was team spirit and the feeling of competition in respect to opposing teams, we tried to be ahead of our rivals, said Anna Baranova, one of the marathon participants.  

Sergey Chuiko, another participant, noted that The Hero Race is a great event that brings the team there was no competition or rivaling between Goznak employees. We ran as one whole team. We supported and cheered up for each other throughout the game. We wanted to thrash the opponents teams of other organizations.  

The other participants also said that the game was for endurance requiring at least minimal physical training of the participants; however, thanks to the team unity, Goznaks employees felt the support of each other that helped them to overcome all the 35 trials and obstacles including climbing frames and waftage, moats and fields with barbed wire and many other trials.  

The main aim of the competition was in overcoming obstacles by one united team, a victory over oneself rather that over opponents, self-reliance and confidence in the support of ones comrades.  
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