Goznak’s coins are in the constellation of the best
The 14th International Competition “Coin Constellation-2020” has summed up the results. Coins struck at the Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints of Goznak are among the winners
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A pawnshop robot has been installed at the Trade Shop
The terminal has been launched in the test mode at the Trade Shop of the Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak.
The shop clients can sell investment coins with its help.
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A unique souvenir sheet has been produced at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak
The Moscow Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak has printed the new souvenir sheet dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society.
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The Moscow Mint has produced badges with the symbols of the 75th anniversary of the Victory
They are made of nickel silver and covered with colored enamel. The diameter of every badge is 22 mm; it is fixed with a clamp.
The badges are available at the Trade Shop of the Moscow Mint
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Goznak coins are among the best coins of the world!
The results of the 13th International Competition “Coin Constellation 2019” have been summed up. More than 220 coins put into circulation since January 1 until December 31, 2018 have participated in it.
Four coins produced at the Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints held places of honor in various categories.
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Football in metal
Goznak issued "Collector's Album" with sockets for all the commemorative medals of nickel silver produced for the occasion of FIFA World Cup.
The nickel silver commemorative medals struck at the Moscow Mint are sold in separate bright packing. It is possible to buy both the whole series and every medal separately.
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Series of the year
Seven “Elk” commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia issued within the framework of the famous “Preserve our World” series became the coin of the year at the 10th International Coin Competition “Coin Constellation-2016”
The silver coins of the series were struck at the Moscow Mint of Goznak
The 300th anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut battle
The Moscow Mint of Goznak has struck the "300th Anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut Battle" gold commemorative coin.
The commemorative coin with the face value of 1000 roubles of pure gold in the "proof" quality in the limited number of 250 pieces.
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