The Moscow Mint
Branch of «GOZNAK»



The Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak offers a wide assortment of packing made of various materials for coin and order products to its customers.

The packing may be developed under the customers’ design with the application of a unique image or a company’s logo to the inner or the outer surface of the casings.

Wood casings. The packing may be developed for any product of any wood type.

Velvet casings. Velvet is an excellent material that will add elegance to your product.

Glass packing will add austerity, laconism and versatility to your product.

Plastic casings are not worn out during shipping and storing. It is overprinted with silkscreen method and embossed with gold and silver foil excellently. It provides an opportunity to apply most exquisite design solutions in the packing production.

ФPaper casings are one of the simplest and effective methods to highlight the beauty of any product.

Leather cases are a beautiful and most convenient packing type noted for its high quality and ideally suitable for the customers’ logo application.