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Religious products

Religious product manufacturing is an old tradition of the Moscow Mint. Many of the products are real works of art.

In 2004 the Moscow Mint together with Saint Daniels Stavropigial Friary started working upon a collection of exact copies of ancient rare items. Silver replicas of ancient crosses were produced within the framework of the project.

In December 2006 The Moscow Mint produced the first of ten ordered copies of pages of the unique manuscript Usmans Koran preserved at the Saint-Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science. To produce a page of Usmans Koran of pure gold (the weight of each page is 75 g), unique tools were produced first of all. Thanks to that top-ranked specialists managed to execute the work having no analogue in the world. All the 164 pages of Usmans Koran were reproduced in gold.

Among the best religious products there is a set of 8 plaquettes Acts of Nicolas the Miracle-Maker. The craftsmen of the Moscow Mint made them of silver as well as of base metal.

All technologies of the Moscow Mint, including incrustation with semi- and precious stones, partial or whole gilding and silvering, blackening, application of various enamels, oxidation, polishing etc. are applied for the manufacturing of religious products.