The Moscow Mint
Branch of «GOZNAK»


Bullions and bonds

Gold and silver bullions manufactured at the Moscow Mint are an original gift in good demand.

Such products are accompanied with certificates and packed into original cases. The specialists of the Mint will apply the image required by the customers to the mirror surface of bullions with the weight of 5, 10 and 31.1 g. It can be a company’s logo, a beautiful vignette or a landscape, the image of an architectural masterpiece etc.

The specialists of the Moscow Mint offer to produce bonds of gold and silver – replicas of the Russian and Soviet banknotes in precious metal – to their customers.

Bullions and bonds of gold and silver are a recommendable and original gift to V.I.P. clients. The products can be packed in cases of various materials and provided with certificates.

The Moscow Mint produces a number of bonds – replicas of the Tsar’s Soviet and Russian banknotes of a few face values of silver or silver with partial gilding.

Bonds may be made of thin-leaf or full-weight precious metal. They are packed in a wooden box with a special lodgment.

The Moscow Mint also produces a V.I.P. souvenir called “Time is money” – a silver copy of the banknote weighing 1500 g with a clock mounted into it.