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Commemorative medals

Commemorative medals

The Moscow Mint has a great experience of manufacturing commemorative medals of precious and non-ferrous metals.

Such medals may become a wonderful present to one’s family and colleagues. Commemorative medals are used as marks of distinction and awards in studies and sports.

Commemorative medals of gold, silver and base metals are issued for the occasion of national memorable and jubilee dates and to commemorate family and personal events.

The Mint has executed orders for manufacturing departmental medals designed for encouraging particularly distinguished employees.

The Moscow Mint offers to produce commemorative medals designed according to the customers’ sketches. It is also possible to apply the design developed by the artists and medaliers of Goznak.

The Trading Numismatic Showroom of the Moscow Mint offers to its potential customers a wide assortment of ready-made commemorative medals dedicated to various events.

Including oxidizing with further artistic clearance of the engraving, varnishing, polishing, decorative coating with titanium (silvery colour) and titanium nitride (golden colour).