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Three tokens for a numismatists collection

[23.06.2015 10:51:00]

The Moscow Mint of Goznak has produced three new tokens that will surely attract numismatists interest.   Read more...

Coins dedicated to the jubilee of the Bank of Russia

[26.05.2015 14:45:00]

The craftsmen of the Moscow Mint of Goznak have struck commemorative coins of gold and silver dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the Bank of Russia. The coins were put into circulation on May 25, 2015. Read more...

Commemorative medals for numismatists

[29.04.2015 11:24:00]

The Moscow Mint has continued the long-time tradition and manufactured 180 commemorative medals for the 28th All-Russian Numismatic Conference held in Moscow on April 20 25. 60 medals are made of brass, and 120 medals are of nickel-silver. Some of the medals will be given to the reporters at the conference, others will be sent to the largest museums of the country to add to their numismatic collections.  

Medals for the Delphian Games


The Moscow Mint of Goznak is completing the production of 1122 medals of different kinds for the participants of the Delphian Games of 2015. All the sets will be delivered to Orel right before the opening ceremony. Read more...

The State Order is completed

[02.03.2015 15:24:00]

The Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Mints of Goznak have completed the State order for the production of the 70th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War 1941 1945 jubilee medals.

The Prize for Unic Idea Solution


"The Year of Preservation of the Environment" coin struck at the Moscow Mint - Branch of Goznak occupied the third position in the Unic Idea Solution category of the Eighth International Coin Competition "Coin Constellation-2014". Read more...

The World Judo Championship has its own coin


The Moscow Mint of Goznak has struck commemorative coins dedicated to the World Judo Championship. Read more...

The 300th anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut battle


To commemorate the first victory in the history of the Russian Navy over the Swedish Navy during the Great Northern war (1700 1721) at Gangut Cape, the Moscow Mint of Goznak stroke a commemorative gold coin The 300th Anniversary of victory of the Russian Navy in the Gangut Battle. Read more...

To the 700th anniversary of Saint Sergius of Radonezh


According to the long-lived tradition, the Moscow Mint of Goznak has manufactured enterprising products two kinds of commemorative plaquettes of precious metals dedicated to the Orthodox Saints.   Read more...

Three unique coins have been produced at the Moscow Mint


The coins are dedicated to the Russian athletes winners of gold, silver and bronze awards of the Olympic Summer Games of 2012 in London. Read more...