The 150th anniversary of the epoch of the Great Reforms 18.04.2014

The Bank of Russia has put into circulation a 1000-rouble gold commemorative coin Epoch of the Great Reforms. Regulations for provincial and district territorial institutions dated January 1, 1864. The coin is dedicated to the territorial reform one of the most important Great Reforms.  
The craftsmen of the Moscow Mint have produced the coin in the number of 250 pieces of pure gold in proof quality.
The coin reverse is filled with artistic details. There is a relief image of a scroll with an inscription in four lines Regulations for provincial and district territorial institutions and a two-line inscription January 1, 1864 with the monogram of Alexander II and a goose-quill on the mirror surface of the discus.  Attributes of the territorial self-administration in Russia in the middle of the 19th century a seal of a conciliator, a sign of a territorial doctor, a postage stamp are also depicted here.  There are also symbols of justice (a column with the crown of the Russian Empire and an inscription ڻ (The Law) and trade (the staff of Mercury) on it. Besides, silhouettes of a plowman, schoolchildren, bureaucrats and a petitioner are depicted on the discus.  
We wanted to enliven the image, said Andrey Brynza, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak. Therefore there are not only papers and symbols of the Reform on the coin, but also people concerned.  
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