Happy New Year!24.11.2013

The Trading Numismatic Showroom of the Moscow Mint started selling gifts and souvenirs for the New Year and Christmas already at the beginning of November.

The buyers are offered a large choice of products of various price categories.

The cheapest and most popular product is calendars with tokens. Traditionally the Moscow Mint issues two calendars. One is small pocket-size decorated with Gzhel motifs. The big calendar is of the size of a postcard, 10 x 15 cm. The artists of the Moscow Mint made sketches of the tokens for both the calendars. The token for the small calendar is made in the shape of a “token of luck” – a four-leaved clover is laid of four horseshoes. Thus, a double symbol of luck is received. The token for the card calendar is made in the shape of a rectangle.  

Another traditional kind of products is breloques. Each of them depicts a horse. Each breloque is made in two variants – “gold” and “silver”.

Among more expensive gifts there are gold and silver bullions of the size of an ounce rectangular coin. But their weight is less than the coin because they are thinner. As a result, the bullions are not such a burdensome purchase.

A traditional silver medal is with the diameter of 60 mm this time. The medal weighs only 1 ounce of silver, and it affects its price in a pleasant way too. A trio of horses ruled by Father Frost is depicted on the medal obverse. On the reverse there is a fir-tree birch with a New Year decoration and congratulating words.  

In the production of the breloques, the bullions and the medal the craftsmen of the Moscow Mint applied a laser technology helping to obtain various facture on the material and enforce the effects of light on the image elements. For example, the “frosty painting on glass” is made on the New Year’s medal with the help of laser.  

Another recent but already appreciated by customers tradition of the Moscow Mint is a metal stamp with the symbol of the year. It is one of our favourite products; we try to apply all creative and production opportunities in its manufacture. This time the stamp has turned out very beautiful, it is made using the thin-leaf technology and packed into an original transforming envelope.  

And of course there are traditional commemorative medals with Christmas wishes that are always in demand.
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