Gratitude for the medals of the Winter Universiade25 2019

Gratitude for the medals of the Winter Universiade

The Organizational Committee of the 29th World Winter Universiade that took place in Krasnoyarsk in March 2019 has sent a letter of gratitude to Goznak.
The letter narrates the invaluable contribution of Goznak as a licensee into preparing and holding the 29th World Winter Unthiversiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk in the Commemorative medals category.

We would like to remind that at the end of November 2017, Goznak became one of the licensees of Winter Universiade 2019 and was included into the list of manufacturers entitled to produce official products with the symbols of the Student Games.

Dmityr Shishkin, Deputy Head of Division of Customer Relations of Goznak, noted that during the development and manufacture of products for the Universiade they made use of Goznaks experience of manufacture of licensed products for other sportive events, including the 22nd Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014.  

For the 29th World Winter Universiade, Joint Stock Company Goznak as a licensee of the Universiade entitled to manufacture official products with the symbols of the Student Games produced two series of commemorative medals Winter Sports and Sightseeing attractions of Krasnoyarsk at the Moscow Mint Branch of Goznak.  

On the 12 medals dedicated to winter sports, there are images of the Universiade mascot U-Laika. On the reverse of every medal, there are symbols of Universiade-2019.

The team of artists of the Art Studio of the Moscow Mint of Goznak worked upon the medal sketches.
The medals are made of copper nickel alloy with the diameter of 33 mm and minted with the application of the tampon printing technology. Every medal has individual packing with a security hologram.  

The Sightseeing attractions of Krasnoyarsk series of four medals is also made of copper nickel alloy. Every medal is 33 mm in diameter and has individual security packing.

The design of the medal with one of the most recognizable sights of the city Chapel of Parasceve, martyr, surnamed "Friday" (depicted on the 10-rouble Russian banknote) was developed Sergey Shmorgun, an artist of the Art Studio of the Moscow Mint.

Tamila Lifatova, an artist of the Art Studio of the Moscow Mint of Goznak, developed the design of medals with the images of other symbols of Krasnoyarsk Communal Bridge across Yenisei, the building of the Railway Station and Berkut Cliff (Stolby reserve).

The classic relief and laser engraving were applied in minting the medals. These techniques were used in creating diversified composition elements or, to be more exact, almost the photographic image of nature and buildings are side by side with the symbolic elements of the Universiade Brand Book brand patterns of thin lines symbolizing ice, snow, wind and the river made with the help of the laser engraving method.  

Many fans of the Universiade took the themes of the winter sports of the Student Games and sights of the Siberian capital with them as tokens of the grand sports event, and collectors added new objects to their collections.
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