Goznaks coins are in the constellation of the best coins of the world 6 2018

Goznaks coins are in the constellation of the best coins of the world

The ceremony of awarding laureates and winners of the 12th International Coin Constellation-2018 Competition of Commemorative Coins took place in Moscow, at the Ninth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS 2018, on November 2. Four coins struck at the Mints of Goznak received high awards in a few categories.  
This year, 41 participants presented more than 220 coins from 26 countries. 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (special edition) submitted to the competition by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Mint of Goznak won the first place in the Best circulating coin category.  
The author of the coin design, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak Andrey Brynza who made sketches for the majority of coins dedicated top FIFA World Cup said that as always he had wanted to do the job well and most importantly, elude standard solutions and find interesting plastic devices. In his opinion, the fact that he was not a football fan helped him a lot in achieving the set task. A fan cannot  abstract his mind from the game result, victories or losses; as it was, Andrey looked for artistry and expressiveness of the players plastics for the football images on the coins abstractly.
The competition jury named 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia coin with the face value of 3 roubles the best Souvenir coin. The coin was submitted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Saint Petersburg Mint Branch of Goznak. The author of the coin was Sergey Kozlov, a consultant of the Division of Currency Units and Counterfeiting Prophylactics of the Department of Cash Circulation of the Bank of Russia.  
During the work upon the coin sketches, the artist looked for an exact symbol of the sportive triumph.  
The idea of reflecting the moment of triumph on one of the coins, when the main trophy of the World Cup appears in the hands of the winner, was offered by my colleague. The search for an artistic solution turned out quite complicated. Finally, I removed all unnecessary things, all details from one of the sketches that was realized finally. There only remained the hands holding the cup and the flashlights in the sky above the stadium.  
I should mention that such an artistic solution has become possible thanks to the appearance of the laser matting technology; it permitted to depict soft light and flashes of the searchlights reflecting the mood of the sports feast and the emotional uplift.  
It was necessary to solve a lot of different artistic tasks on the coins small surface to draw the borders of the overcrowded tribunes; the searchlights also provide the sensation of twilight, late night the concluding apotheosis of the whole World Cup. In order to make the hands holding the cup not look statical but bring dynamics and symbolics of the victory triumph, I had to look at a lot of pictures and choose the necessary arrangement of hands giving rise to the emotions of presence, triumph and the spirit of flight in a spectator.    
Besides laser matting, the classic relief, partial gilding and tampon printing were applied in the coin production. It is quite a large set of technologies for one coin, and it dictated the strict conditions of laconic symbolism.  
Esclavage Bow coin (special edition) occupied the third position in the Silver Coin of the Year Category from the Diamond Fund of Russia series struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint.
The author of the coin sketch is Anton Schablykin, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak.
The Esclavage bow depicted on the coin was made in 1763 of silver, gold, diamonds and spinel. Such decorations were worn on broad lacy ribbon or black velvet band embracing the neck tightly and reminding a slaves collar, hence the name (esclavage). The modern name of such a decoration that became fashionable again in the 2010s is a choker.  
Remembering his work upon the coin sketch, Anton Schablykin noted that the jewelry objects from the Diamond Fund depicted on the coins are interesting themselves.
And it is not less interesting or complicated (not only for an artist but for all participants of the coin creating process) to translate it all to the language of a commemorative coin. Besides, it turns out to be one artwork inside another.
During the coin production, the facets of the metallic precious stones were processed in a special way and obtained luster similar to the noble shine of diamonds as a result.  
2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia coin submitted by the Saint Petersburg Mint and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation received the third place in the Gold Coin of the Year category. The author of the coin design, Andrey Brynza, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak, mentioned that he faced a task of creating a classic composition of the coin because the theme of the sketch was strictly limited by the customers to show the Cup of FIFA World Cup 2018 standardized in the brand book. The coin was made in proof quality with the application of classic relief and laser matting.  
Besides, a Special Prize of the Organizational Committee of the Coin Constellation Competition and an Award for For the contribution to the development of commemorative coins market are given every year. In 2018, the award was given to Nikolay Belyaev, Head of Technology and Control of the Coin and Order Production of Goznak.
At the coin exhibition, Goznak presented new products of the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Mints created under the new technologies and solutions corresponding to the trends of the coin market.
On November 2, the winners of the Young Numismatist all-Russian competition were awarded. 337 works of children, the youngest of whom was only 4 years old were sent to the competition from all over Russia.  
The winners were awarded with a commemorative token struck at the Moscow Mint of Goznak. The token was made in proof quality with coloured printing in the number of 100 pieces and is a numismatic rarity already.
Daria Naftalimova from Tula region, 11 years old, the winner of the Childrens Competition for the best token sketch for young numismatists, also came to the exhibition and the awarding ceremony.  
Every participant and guest of the exhibition could receive an exclusive token with his name traditionally, everybody could mint a commemorative token using the historical minting press of Goznak and apply laser engraving to it according to his own sketch. For many years already, there appears a long queue of those wishing to make a token to the press carefully brought and adjusted for the exhibition and conference by the Moscow Mint.  
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